Technology and market change everyday, and so do we

Building a platform has always been a tough job when it comes to customer satisfaction, adding values and enhancing the sustainability. ImmaBe is proud to announce some major changes that will take effect this summer 2016.

-Interface upgrade
At ImmaBe, our power to conquer the market resides in our understanding of the ecosystem we target and how it evolves. 3 weeks ago, our UX architects came up with a platform design proposal that will optimize the data flow and at the same time serve as the perfect cradle for the new solutions (virtual appliances, machine learning and more) that our engineers and researchers are working on. This change is expected to attract new customers and improve the satisfaction of the existing ones.

-New partnership paradigms
Coming along with the new interface is the new partnership architecture. ImmaBe will be introducing 2 new types of partnership: Distributors and Publishers. They will serve as the core models of our association with external entities. The cancellation of the existing partnership models has not been confirmed yet.

-API for developers
Programing is like a game for developers; and being able to use web services via an API help them implement delightful hacks. As our infrastructure grows, we decided to become more open by giving developers access to our data so that they could start building smart apps with a deep understanding of the skills analytics.

-Career opportunities
This summer, many internships will be available in various sectors. And of course, equal consideration will be attributed to every applicant. Don’t hesitate to apply online when the time will come.

Stay tuned as we are getting better every single day!


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