Students, practice now and be ready for the job market!

A lot of people asked us: “What are the categories of projects that we accept to implement?”.
Here is the answer: The goal of ImmaBe is to solve the skill gap problem in the job market. We do that the virtual way via our website and the real-world way. In the real word, we give the possibility to people to practice skills and to gain professional experience by working as a contractor on real projects that we have been assigned to by our clients. Each project is attached to tags that we use to collect skill data of its participants. Those students are fully mentored by us and receive a completion certificate at the end of the project plus a compensation (if any). With that said, the categories of contracts that we accept depends on the skills set of the students that we have at a specific time. The confidentiality of the project fully depends on the client and the student can choose to disclose his identity or not depending the project category. ImmaBe bear the responsibility of anything related to the implementation of the project.
At this moment, we accept any project related to:
– Restaurant menu design
– African cooking
– Sewing
– Research and Development (R&D)
– Application and network security
– Website development

Below are the screenshots of a few projects that our students worked on:

This list of categories can change anytime and we encourage everyone to regularly check our blog as we will be announcing our Contracting Service website page where we will publish the list of categories and frequently update it. In the meantime, feel free to contact us with any project that you have at

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