Attach files to your problems and contributions

A few hours ago, we wrapped up the implementation and testing of the file attachment module that allows to append files in order to support your contribution(s) or the content of a problem you posted.
Its use is quite simple. Next to each problem or contribution of yours, you will find a staple icon. (click on the illustrations below for a better display).


Once you click on it, the upload frame will appear in a new tab.


Click the button “Add files” to select the files and then “Start Upload” to attach them to the problem or contribution.

Once the upload is complete, the file will be available for download on the problem or the contribution to which it has been attached.

For the moment, the attachment feature is not available for contributions to regular problems (i.e problems that are not part of a list) and only the following file formats are allowed in the system:

jpeg,jpg,gif,png,zip,doc,docx,xls,pdf .

More might be added in the future depending on our analysis results. Stay tuned!

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