Tag users in your problems

Most of the times, we like to ask questions to reliable people, people we know always have the right answer to our problems. That’s why ImmaBe added the possibility for you to tag your contributors on a problem you are posting.

To use that powerful capability, simply add @username (preceded by a white space) in the content of the problem you are sharing (username is the username of the desired contributor). If you are a fan of privacy,  you can make the problem invisible and tag the user; that will make the problem visible and accessible to only both of you. In the illustration below, we shared a private problem and tagged three(3) users: nostranger, Ed_K and lkouajiep.


Once the problem is posted, the different users tagged in the problem will be notified that they have been mentioned in a problem of yours.


Now, because of its philosophy, a problem that has been tagged cannot be added to a list but the other capabilities like answer and attach files are still present.

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