Getting started with your career development

As a new year begins, do you find creating or improving your career on that new year’s wish list? Is it time to make a change?

It is the holidays and though most people are kicking their feet up, you are not most people! Now, is as good as any time to stand out amongst the crowd and set the tone for a new year.Put these 5 quick tips to practice to help reach career goals!

Go ahead, set some goals
As a child it is not hard to dream out loud. As we get older doubts have a way of discouraging us. Why set yourself up for failure, right? Get rid of that mentality! If you are not where you need to be do something as simple as writing it down somewhere you can constantly be reminded. Try taking on one step a week that gets you closer to those goals. No matter how big or small take each step. Do not forget to reward yourself along the way. It is time to dream again. Focus on what you want, and grab it!

Sharpen your skills
One of your greatest selling points when walking in for that new job or reaching for that promotion opportunity, is to flaunt you marketability. How do you accomplish this? Easy, show them your bag of skills! Researching and strategizing needed skill sets can go a long way. Whether they are new or old skills, the golden rule is to always be improving. And you can count on us for that.

Guidance helps
Seeking out someone who “has been there and done” that is always a plus. Yes, we are talking about a mentor or someone to lean on. Though reaching out to a boss or coworker can be a good route mentors can found in many places. A mentor can range from a family member, or a friend to a coach, or a teacher. Get out there and get yourself a mentor!

Fresh branding
Job or no job, time should be spent branding yourself. It is easy to get comfortable in the working world but keeping your image up to date could make the difference in attaining that dream job or much wanted promotion. Blow the dust off of your resume(s) or LinkedIn account. You can even take it a step further by creating a personal blog or portfolio. Nothing stays the same, so why should you?

Dress to Impress
Dressing for success can sound old school but do not be fooled, people are watching. Refuse to become the sore thumb in the office or that first interview. At some point you will have to grow up. Say good bye to the jeans or tiny skirts. It does not matter how low you start from, dress professionally so that your employer can visualize taking you as an equal. Stop dressing for where you are at and start dressing for where you want to be!

Goals, at times, have a way of slipping through our fingers.Take a breath, put your best foot forward, and put these tips into action this new year.