Discover ImmaBe 2015

Whether 2015 is the year you decide to make small tweaks to your career development plan or make a substantial change, you can not go wrong by getting a head start with ImmaBe. Kick off your new year and new career plans with the latest ImmaBe features found on our official website.

In order to focus on what is essential, we took a fresh approach by combining advanced functionality with a crisp of professional scalable design. We also removed superficial elements and implemented core functions that help users achieve his/her career goals. The new look is complimented by a few new options; access to popular problems found on ImmaBe as well as quick registration and more. Eye turning design and handy content will make your online ImmaBe experience just that much sweeter. Let us explore the newly released updates.

1) Have Problems, Get Contributions to solve them


No man is an Island and no software infallible! ImmaBe is no doubt an amazing resource but it would be a bit much to assume that we have all the answers. Why not make use of another great resource, all of you! It is now possible to get questions answered by your peers or, in turn, help someone with need of your personal know how. Go ahead, ask a question with up to 3 tags. Also via the search bar, ImmaBe can provide a list of questions whose tags are related to the keyword you typed. If you have no questions, but answers for your peers, your contributions will be rated by points. Useful contributions are voted and valued at 1 point per tag involved in the problem. Points are added to your profile to increase your reputation in those skills and make you more attractive to hiring companies. If we all help each other as a community, there is no telling what we can achieve.

2) A Better Profile than joins Users with Career profiles

Rest assured that the work you put into contributing to the solving of problems is not done in vain. They are perfectly linked to your profile and used in a statistical analysis whose results are narrowed down to provide you with the top career matches. These statistics will lay the bread crumbs that you follow to your dream job!


3) Live Search and Networks

We have added a feature to live search other users through the official website. This search lets you view a user’s online status while also giving you the chance to make new connections with like-minded individuals. Once on a user profile, you can follow that user and get access to all the problems where s/he needs help. We know how important connections can be as you make your way through the professional world. Use ImmaBe as a tool to foster your pro-activity and get a jump start on building those connections.

4) A Name-Based URL for a Better SEO


Be sure to note another change to ImmaBe when it comes to making new connections is that we now support name-based parameters in our url. This means that instead a lengthy number at the end of a searched user’s url, you will now find the individual’s username in its place. Poor url structure can keep pages out of search engine indexes and lower the ranking authority of your page. What seems like a simple change makes a world of difference; An SEO-friendly url is an user-friendly url.

5) Implementation of a Web Guard

The world wide web can be a reliable source that puts information right at our finger tips, but suspicious links and sites make access come at a price. ImmaBe webguard is now active so that we can better protect you. The inline webguard checks and validates all web links found in the problems and contribution of the platform. Any source and domain flagged as malicious by our security team will be followed up by a warning to users about the risk of heading to that suspicious website. Browse the site without a care as we keep you danger-free.


ImmaBe is constantly progressing to better service your needs. The features listed above and others such as bug fixes and updated content bring us that much closer to making your dreams a reality. Check them out and see for yourself why ImmaBe is a winning resource!