Take your e-learning and career to the next level with ImmaBe List!

ImmaBe List, similar to Google Education, is a brand new module designed for personal use by ImmaBe. It enables users to create private or public customized sets of questions or problem sets. Select specific and challenging problems from you or other users, create a catalog and share it with other users. Access to the list can be set to public or restrained to a specific set of users.  Furthermore, for each list you create, you can choose a grading system that you will use to evaluate the contributions of the people who have access to the problems on that list. ImmaBe List helps grow the academic community and serves as a great resource for variety of users like:

Teachers and tutors

Our question-based platform is the perfect tool for facilitators to use when creating assignments, homework, or interactive one-to-one discussions. Today teachers and tutors are faced with continuous cuts to their budget and the need to be innovative without burning cash. As the demand for internet-related resources within lesson plans grows, ImmaBe is here to supply a resource that meets needs. The information age can be a challenge for many, but take this chance to make it work for you by using List as a new addition in your handy box of teaching and tutoring tools!


Users become equipped to create their own customized questions, seek out degree related problems posted by others, and truly personalize the training they need to meet educational goals. They can even go one step further in their career goals by creating a list of problems related to the skills required for a specific job or career path.  Students need all the resources they can get their hands on to stand out from the crowd. Within the USA alone over 60% of students claim that yes they meet the needed criteria for post secondary education, yet still feel they are unprepared once actually beginning their studies. So, what does this gap between college eligibility and college readiness mean for the student? Well, the truth is many either fail, withdraw, or simply do not learn as well as they could. ImmaBe List tackles this issue head on and gives students the chance to take their post secondary success into their own hands. .


The great thing about ImmaBe is that we know learning continues after the graduation. ImmaBe List stands as a practical resource for beyond the classroom and into the professional world. Companies can make use of ImmaBe List internally as a tool for coaching or collaborative problem solving when training staff. The clear and most attractive advantage of moving training into an online system, is that it is extremely cost effective. Online training saves money by reducing building and maintenance costs while providing the added benefit of increased flexibility of learning.

Companies, in collaboration with Job boards or not,  can also make use of ImmaBe List in staffing tasks such as the interviewing process or the collection of data from potential candidates. You can even take public outreach a step further by connecting directly with your consumers. Get even more creative by getting your customers to use ImmaBe List to develop skills that relate to your products. For example home decor companies can create tailored questions that teach the basics of aesthetics, colors, and more, all with the convenience of learning anywhere and anytime. By making your product more familiar and more understood by the general public you increase the chances of building greater trust and brand loyalty. ImmaBe offers a way to shape connections with your consumers and make sure they think of you first when they act on newly gained know how.

Let ImmaBe give your company an edge against competitors by reinforcing and attracting the best team as well as loyal customers through ImmaBe List.

To sum up ImmaBe List is filled with diverse uses such as but not limited to the following:

  • Self-directed training and learning by customers, students, job seekers or professionals
  • Homework assignments, one-to-one discussions and feed-back from tutors and remedial teachers
  • Assignments and project monitoring and one-to –one feed from professors and homeschool teachers
  • Training exercises and feedback provided by training institutions or companies with internal staff training programs
  • Preliminary job interviews and feedback by recruiting companies
  • Discussion and focused groups

ImmaBe List is built on essential purposes such as candidate selection, training, evaluation and study (class group, project, market/customer research… ). The aim is to connect you with skill-based problems via lists of problems that match a specific interest of yours and that are asked by other users. Now, what type of problems you seek, is entirely up to you. If you are a teacher, you can create a list of problems for your students’ exam/quiz. If you are a study group, then you can create a lists of revision and preparation problems for the next exam or a job interview that can be shared with a specific group of designated mates. And finally if you are a company, you can create a list of interview questions for job candidates or training modules for your clients.

It is a simple and paperless way to evaluate others or to put yourself to the test! Seek out or create dynamic questions quickly, for a variety of uses, all in one place! Join ImmaBe and get started with a list!