Adding users to a license and integrate it

To add users to your license:

    1. Click on your username at top right of your ImmaBe homepage. If you see Login / Register there, you have to login first. Learn how to sign in.

    2. Click on the white dropdown icon at the top right.       

    3. Scroll to the section Licenses and click on it.

    4. Click on any license number (if any) to access its Career Path Portal.

        If there is no license in that section, then you have get a new license.

    5. Log in to the Career Path portal using the access code you were given when you requested that license

        If you don't have the access code, you can click Generate a new access code from the portal to get a new one.

    6. Create a text file with the email of each user to add per line. See sample.

    7. Click Browse and locate the text file you just created        

    8. Click Upload

To integrate ImmaBe widget:           

    1. Sign in to the Career Path Portal using the instructions from the previous section

    2. Scroll down to Integrate The Career Path Widget 

    3. Select the integration method you would like to implement and follow the given instructions of the selected method.


On the bottom right of the portal, click on View all the users covered by this license to see the full list of users who are under your license.

These users have unlimited access to the career prediction services for the duration of the license.

Warning: If a user email was under another organization license at the time of upload, the user will be transferred to the new license.

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