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Comparison Table

  Description Free Plan Enterprise License
Career Searches Search, explore and bookmark career profiles
Training Center Look up classes you can take to boost your skills
Job Search Find job openings related to a specific career profile
Institution page View information about a school's leadership, statistics, offerings, graduation, success, latest news and enrollment
Dedicated Workspace Own a fully customizable space in our environment to store your configuration and customers' data
Organization Widget Plugin that you can embed on your website to integrate ImmaBe services
Data Analytics Platform that gives you tools and metrics to build a better strategy and meaningful partnerships
Branding Customize the ImmaBe's interface in your workspace to reflect the vision and culture of your organization
Page control Activate or deactivate ImmaBe services in your workspace
Counseling features Set of tools that we provide to support counselors of your workspace
Email Support Receive 24/7 customer assistance on various issues you may encounter
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